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Fitzroy Bramble NGA Pro Bodybuilder

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What Makes These Products Better?   STI specializes in simple and effective tools for improving your health and fitness. We ignore the current fads, and favor products that are practical, versatile, and provide long-lasting value.   The fitness and exercise products on this site have distinct features that set them apart from other competing products. We've devoted an entire page to each of these unique products, so that you can completely understand its use. Look for the highlighted box near the top of each page, which explains exactly why that product was selected as a Better Fitness Product.

                                                         BottleThe Blender Bottle outperforms all other shaker cups for mixing nutrition shakes and sports drinks.

FullStrengthFullStrength is the delicious new nutrition shake that completely satisfies your hunger and keeps your body energized for hours.

MediBallMediBall medicine balls provide a fun alternative to conventional strength training.

SportCordThe SportCord is a portable exercise device that's perfect for travel or for home gyms with limited space or budget.

ShoulderHornThe ShoulderHorn strengthens your rotator cuff, reduces shoulder pain, and can add pounds to your bench press.

VersaBackThe VersaBack is an effective device for strengthening your lower back and reducing low back pain.

XvestThe Xvest is a weighted vest that can acellerate weight loss and boost your performance in nearly any exercise.

Accu-MeasureAccu-Measure is an accurate and inexpensive body fat caliper that allows you to easily test your body fat level in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

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